Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Stop ending the day wondering what you did with your time and finally tackle that to-do list.

Have you been struggling to complete your to-do list every day? Do you end your day wondering what you did with your time and how you wish you could’ve accomplished more?

If you’re feeling scattered throughout your day and want to be more intentional with your time, this tutorial on planning your day and completing your to-do list will give you the direction you’re looking for.

You’ll learn my exact process for planning my day and you can download your Mom on Fire Daily Schedule Planner© and begin implementing immediately!


For this tutorial we are going to be using the exact planner that I use every day to plan my day, but feel free to recreate this on your own if you’d like! If you would much rather not spend the time recreating this on your own, feel free to download the Mom on Fire Daily Schedule Planner©.

Here is a short list of other items that I would recommend to use along side your planner:


Please note: You can skip the laminator and get your planner laminated at your favorite office supply store for about $2 a sheet.

Ready to finally complete your to-do lists?

Download the Mom on Fire© Daily Schedule Planner and learn how to organize your day, stop wasting time and finally tackle your to-do list.


Every night I have an “Evening Cleaning Routine” that helps me reset my home for the following day. As apart of my “Evening Cleaning Routine” I like to also plan the next day using my planner. Filling out my planner the night before helps me wake up knowing exactly what I need to do. The planner serves as my roadmap for my day. I take my time and fill out each section of the planner.

During the day as I complete a task on my planner, I simply put a checkmark in the box to show that the task was complete. I love the idea of putting a checkmark next to the task because it gives me a sense of accomplishment! At the end of the night I wash off my planner and reset again for the following day. You can see an example below.

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Stop ending the day wondering what you did with your time and finally tackle that to-do list.

(click to make larger)


I like to put a certain amount of time to complete each task in parenthesis next to the task. You’ll see it in the example above. The reason for this is because I only give myself about 30 minutes every day to complete tasks on my to-do list. This just helps me to set an intentional time during the day to knock out items on my to-do list.

Anything that is not done during that 30 minute time frame will either get done at the end of the day or I simply move it to the following day. The key is to not overwork yourself and to prioritize task based on the importance level.


I promise any time I feel scattered in my life, it’s because I’m not using my planner. I find that when I use my planner I’m just overall more focused and find myself completing more tasks than when I don’t use it.

The rewards for staying organized throughout your day are endless and will not only effect your life, but also your family whom you serve on a day to day basis. Those rewards may look like more time to do things that bring you joy, more time with your husband, more time with your kids and even more time with your family and friends.

If you’ve found this helpful, I invite you to join me in my on-demand workshop where I show you how you can manage your time better on a day-to-day basis and remove the stress of home management.

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