Homemaking isn't a role that is often celebrated in our culture today. However, homemaking is a beautiful gift that God has given us as mothers. Sometimes it's not easy to recognize a gift because of the way it's packaged. Maybe your home is out of control and you don't know how to get it back in order. You may not see this season as a gift, but it truly is. Homemaking is God's beautiful gift to you and can transform your life if you change your perspective.


Jesus Is A Homemaker

"I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also." John 14:3

These were the words of Jesus to His disciples. He wanted them to be with Him where He was. He wanted them to be home. But in order to do this, He knew that everything that He would do, from His death to His return to heaven, would fulfill the preparation needed for believers to join Him in heaven ultimately. Jesus purposed in His heart to do what needed to be done to make sure we were welcomed home with Him. What a beautiful example!

At the heart of the gospel is Jesus Christ preparing the way for us to come home. In the same likeness, as we care for our homes and our children, we are putting God's heart and character on display. When we turn organization from chaos, we are showing what God does for the sinner, but also how he established the Earth.

When we take the time to clean our homes, room by room, we are showing what God does when He sanctifies even the deepest areas of our hearts. When we feed our family nutritious meals, we are showing how God gives us sound doctrine that we may be built up in our faith and deliver the truth of His word. Jesus Christ's life was the perfect example of preparing a home for the ones we love.


Homemaking Is A Form of Worship

"... whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

Did you know that the way you care for your home is a form of worship? Worship isn't just when you're in church lifting your hands in praise, but worship is the posture of your heart. Worship is the way we ascribe worth to who God is. Worship shines the light on God's character, beauty and worthiness. We worship God in everything that we do. From the way we talk to our husband to the way we talk to the clerk at the grocery store. We are faced with countless opportunities to put God's glory on display.

In the same likeness, God delights in the way you take the time to manage your home. He delights in the way you make sure your home is clean and that your family is taken care of. These acts of service around your home may seem small to you, but they are big to God. He keeps perfect record of your daily sacrifices and will reward you on the day you stand before Him.

Even when you don't feel like taking care of your home and your family doesn't acknowledge it, you do it because you know that it brings God glory. You do it because it's holy. You do it because God will reward you. You do it because you know that your home is God's beauty on display.


Homemaking Brings Out The Gold In You

I am convinced that women who actually strive to keep up their homes make the best managers. Being a homemaker takes consistency, it takes discipline, but most importantly it takes joy. I've seen mother's who have allowed their homes to remain in chaos because they were not willing to submit to the process of being made gold.

The purest gold is made only when it's gone through the fire. Most moms know that there is no fire like trying to remain patient with your children and husband! The process of being made gold may seem hard at first, but it's rewards are endless. Those rewards will begin to flow into your own life and before you know it, you'll recognize that you're more disciplined in your personal life and are becoming the woman God has created you to be.

You'll begin tapping into skills that you thought never knew you had. You'll find yourself becoming that interior designer you thought you'd never be and even finding those meals your family loves even when you don't think you're the best cook.

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Homemaking Brings Heaven To Earth

"We create a taste for things above."
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Our homes should be a reflection of our eternal home in heaven. Can you imagine what that sounds like? What that smells like? What that looks like? Just think. You have the opportunity to give not only your family, but people who don't know Christ a taste of God's kingdom.

You were created to bring heaven to earth. You know what you can find a lot of in heaven? Peace. You have the opportunity to create a pleasant home environment in which your husband can experience peace after a long day of work. Your children can experience peace after a long day of schoolwork. You can experience peace after a long day of work, whether in the home or out of the home.

Your effort in managing your home, no matter how imperfect it is - is heaven invading your home. Create an environment in your home that exudes peace. You will be surprised by how your family notices without saying a word. Have you ever cleaned your home and had a meal ready when your husband came home? Did you notice how his demeanor changed? How he responded to you? He was able to come into the atmosphere that you had purposely set and was now experiencing the culture of heaven.


Homemaking Is God's Beautiful Gift To Women

Homemaking is so much more than sticking to routines and an endless to-do list. Homemaking is God's heart and character on display in your home. By looking to Jesus we are able to learn how to prepare a place our family will love to call home. You are inviting the culture of heaven to invade your home every day you choose to partner with God. Homemaking is rewarding and it is God's beautiful gift to women.



Homemaking is so much more than sticking to routines and an endless to-do list. Homemaking is God's heart and character on display in your home.

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