The Best and Worse of 2018

As I sit here and think about all the ways I want to improve in my home management skills in the new year, I couldn’t help but reflect on what I feel that I did good this year and what I think I did the worse and how I can improve going into the new year!


It’s so easy to stay in your clothes all day especially if you’re spending most of your day at home! This was me for the first 2 years of my marriage. I didn’t feel like I needed to get fully dressed, including a full face of makeup if I was going to be home all day with Judah.


However, I knew that in the past when I worked a full-time job, I would leave the house with a full face of makeup and fully dressed every day. Everything began to shift for me when I looked at being a homemaker as going to a full-time job, just in my home.


Cornell and I were talking and I was so upset that we hadn’t had a date night in months. I remember expressing to him how upset I was that we hadn’t had a date night in so long and his response to me was, “Well, look at the way you be looking!” You know what I did in that moment? I laughed because he was right! I could’ve went on a rant as to why my looks shouldn’t matter, but the reality was that he was right and it does matter the way I choose to show up every day in my marriage, even when it comes to my appearance.


Prior to me making this switch in getting dressed every day, I would wake up every morning and throw on work out clothes – that never made it to the gym. You know – yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and a classic Nike golf hat. Every millenial homemaker’s go-to outfit. I felt so convicted that I wasn’t “showing up” the way I knew my husband would like for me to and the way I knew I was capable of.


He loves when I get dressed, put make up on, spray perfume, etc. From that conversation, I made it my aim to get dressed every day. I noticed that I was more prone to get dressed if I did it before 10:00am. After 10:00am, I was staying in yoga pants. Haha. I noticed an instant difference in the way Cornell was responding to me and you know what, I got my date night back!

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In my schedule, I have it set up that I go to the grocery store on Monday mornings. This requires that I make my meal plan/grocery shopping list prior to Monday. In this past year I found myself at such a lost of where to start with my meal plan. There are so many meals that I can make for my family, but for some reason when it came time for me to create a plan, I would often draw a blank.


I knew all the right things to do like making a list of all of my family’s favorite meals, looking in my fridge and pantry for ingredients I already have and make meals around those, but honestly – I really struggled with making the time to actually write out my meal plan. I often did it right before I needed to head to the grocery store and it resulted with me only having about 2-3 meals on the list. I know – horrible!


Because of my lack of planning our meals ahead of time, we found ourselves eating out a ton. It was horrible. I don’t like eating out unless it’s a quality meal from a restaurant. We ate one too many 4 for $4’s from Wendy’s. It was no bueno. We spent so much money eating out that wasn’t in our budget, and it just ate up our actual grocery budget.


Going into the new year, one of my biggest goals is to get my meal planning under control and on a consistent rotation. I plan on writing down a full list of all my family’s favorite meals and then having them on a consistent rotation.


Something else that I’m considering using is a meal planning service that will send me a weekly meal plan and grocery list to go along with it. To me, it’s worth the $10 a month to pay for this type of membership so I can make sure my meal plan is already in place and my grocery list is made. I might just cancel after I have 4 weeks worth of meals. Haha. Just being honest!


What are some areas of your home life that you feel you excelled in this year and what are some areas that you’re looking to grow in? Leave your comments below!

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