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Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Don't go through your day with no schedule. This is how to organize your day so you can get your peace back.

How To Organize Your Day And Get Your Peace Back

Please note: This is the second lesson of the Routines That Reward training series. To join the training, click here. You see that picture up there? That was this past summer when I was feeling so refreshed because I had made time for myself. Because of the way I was able to organize my day,…

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Fall 2017 Playlist

I absolutely love music and I love discovering new artist on Spotify. Every season I like to put together a playlist of songs I’ve been listening to throughout that current season. I’ve discovered a lot of artist that I’ve never heard of and also some of my favorite artists of all time! Feel free to take…

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In order to maintain order in your life and family, you must have a daily schedule. Before you create a schedule, you can't overlook this first step.

The Very First Step To Creating A Daily Schedule

Productivity. Oh, if there were just a switch that we could turn on to automatically make ourselves more focused and productive. I would buy that – especially for those days where I just want to sleep in and let Judah take care of himself. Haha. But seriously, having a daily schedule or plan is imperative…

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