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The Best and Worse of 2018

As I sit here and think about all the ways I want to improve in my home management skills in the new year, I couldn’t help but reflect on what I feel that I did good this year and what I think I did the worse and how I can improve going into the new…

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Revealing The Most Useful Tool To Organize Your Home Life

Please note: This is the first lesson of the Routines That Reward training series. To join the training, click here. Productivity. Oh, if there were just a switch that we could turn on to automatically make ourselves more focused and productive. I would buy that – especially for those days where I just want to…

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A Mom on Fire Playlist: Summer 2018

I LOVE creating different playlist in my Spotify player for different moods, moments or seasons. This Summer playlist is no different. It is composed of songs I’ve been listening to over the past few weeks leading up to the new season. Most of these songs were curated during times working in my home, running errands,…

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5 Must Have Parenting Books

Someone once said that you if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. I believe that this is true especially when it comes to parenting.

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